Christmas Favorites!

1. Christmas song- Deck the halls with Chips and Salsa by Ed Huckeby-


2. Christmas cookie- Chocolate Hershey’s kiss cornflake cookies

3. Christmas movie- Muppets Christmas Carol

4. Christmas tradition- Whenever it is Christmastime, I always am wearing a Santa hat at home, like, 24/7. No matter what, I am always wearing one.

5. Christmas gift- This year, I want to get my own chromebook, not one that is restricted by school. Here is the link:

6. Service project- A few weeks ago, me and some friends made cookies and delivered them for old people in our neighborhood.


7. Christmas meme- 46 Christmas Memes ideas | christmas memes, funny, christmas humor

8. Christmas gift given- I’m giving my younger brother my old tablet because I got a new one.

9. Christmas fact- Santa originally wore blue, green, or purple. One year, Coca-Cola dressed him up in red, and it stuck.

10. Christmas memory- When we got back from going on vacation one year, we found a big box in our living room that had a ping pong table in it.


Friday Funnies

Lol I like this one

Harry-harry= a really boring book

LOL What is this

Stay until the end!!
Get stick bugged lol

HAHAHA I cracked up
If you eat too much you get really fat

Let It DIe!!
Thats all i got

Yo watch this one its great
Also it contains vector

Need I say more?

The sun is a deadly lazer
ALSO there is lots more funnie stuff in it


My Dream Room

HIIIIIIIIII! Today I’m gonna talk about my dream room!

The first must have for my dream room is a TV.This tv is huge. I would position it across from my bed so I can lay in my bed and watch tv at the same time. #MidnightTVWatching

Second: Nintendo Switch

I’d hook this up to my big tv. Gaming all day!!

Third: Gaming computer/other gaming supplies

When I’m not watching tv or playing on the switch, I would be here, gaming away. Minecraft, baby!



Pros and Cons of middle school

Do you like Middle School more than Elementary? I do. Here are three pros and three cons of Middle School!


  1. More freedom. You get to move around the school between classes without a teacher leading you. Also, you get to choose what you learn about.
  2. You’re more mature than elementary, meaning you get better after-school clubs, better games in P.E., and harder, yet funner, classes.
  3. You aren’t stuck with the exact same people for seven hours each day. You get to know a bunch of new people!


  1. School starts early. In elementary school, some schools start as late as 8:40! Honestly, middle schoolers need nap time more than preschoolers!
  2. No recess. Yes, you can go outside after lunch, but there is no playground, very few balls/equipment, and everyone is crowded in a tiny area.
  3. More rules. There was no “No-phone” policy in elementary school, no one cared about the dress code because it wasn’t very strict, and you have to be at one place at one exact time, which isn’t good if you are slow.

Personality quiz results!

I  took three personality quizzes on National Geographic, and here are my results!

Quiz one: Nerd A to Z

Result: You’re a culture queen (or king)!

You’re sociable and always know the hot new thing. Nerding out over everything from the arts and pop culture to mythology and anthropology, you’re a pro at all things people.

Quiz two: History Hero

Result: You’re Benjamin O. Davis, Jr.!

You have what it takes to be a hero. You’re dedicated to helping people and protecting your friends and family, who are drawn to you for your bravery and belief in always doing the right thing. This makes you a match for Benjamin O. Davis, Jr., a pilot who overcame racism to help lead the United States to victory during World War II.Quiz three: Ice Cream

Result: You’re chocolate chip cookie dough!

Ice cream mixed with cookie dough? That’s a winning combination! So is your personality: You’re caring and level headed. You also love to have fun and laugh. Like this flavor, which was invented in 1984, you’re chock-full of sweet surprises.

From farm space to far space: A Luke Skywalker Mini-Biography

Luke Skywalker was many things: a farm boy, an eager recruit, an apprentice, a hero, a jedi master, a friend, and a master. He farmed moisture for 19 years, blew up a Death Star, battled his dad twice, saved his dad’s life, got his life saved by his dad, and then sat on a rock for thirty years until a girl told her that just because he failed once doesn’t mean he failed in life.

All about my name!!

My name is MILES!!! The name Miles comes  from the Latin word miles, which means soldier. Other versions of my name are Myles and Mylo.  I was given this name because my parents  were looking for cool, classic names.

How to make a Stop Motion Video!!!

Making a stop motion video can be easy, you just have to know what you’re doing. Here’s step-by-step instructions on how to do it!


  1. Get your materials. I use legos, but you could use Playdough, clay, or action figures.
  2. Set up your scene. Arrange your materials in the right places.
  3. Take a picture of it.
  4. Without moving your camera, move your materials for the next scene
  5. Take a picture of it
  6. Repeat with every scene.
  7. Once you’ve taken all your pictures, upload them to a device that has a stop motion program
  8. Adjust your speed until it’s just right.
  9. There is no step nine. That’s it!